Train to Busan

Zombie movies. Love ’em. It’s not just the standard horror movie thrill, but the way they are a great way to explore and critique mass society. However, as a asian film fan, the classic Western Cinema version of the Zombie is a horror trope that is rarely examined. It isn’t without precedent, for example I…

Destroy All Monsters

Japanese Kaiju movies. For someone who loves asian culture so much, my serious lack of knowledge about this sub-genre is a little strange. Now, I actually love and adore the original ‘Gojira’, and I will get around to reviewing it someday. But that film led to lots of others, introducing new monsters and they have…

EasternKicks Reacts! Oldboy

So I am moderating another one of our looks at a classic of Asian cinema over at easternKicks. This time we are taking a look at Park Chan-wook’s ‘Oldboy’. How does it stand up 13 years later? With added live Octopus for hors d’oeuvre!  

Time Renegades

So once upon a time there was this Korean director called Kwak Jae-yong. He made a couple of fairly popular but unmemorable films in the 90’s, but then created an absolute phenomenon in 2001 with ‘My Sassy Girl”. It surfed the Korean wave, and was a genuine pan-asian and international success. He followed it up…

The Handmaiden

It’s a new Park Chan-wook movie! It’s an adaptation of a fairly famous Literary Thriller! With Boobies and sex! It’s getting pretty good reviews! So I was fairly bored by the pretty and sterile “Stoker”, but this is a film I just have to see and no doubt love right? Let’s see. So, in “The…

The Wailing

Been a while since I have reviewed a fairly new release, and the opportunity to look at the latest film by Na Hong-jin was too good to turn up. I loved his ‘The Chaser’, and whilst I may have missed ‘The Yellow Sea’, I know it got a few good words written in its direction….

EasternKicks Reacts! Battle Royale

So over at Easternkicks, I have curated another group discussion about a terribly popular Asian film. The last one we did about “The Assassin” went down rather well, so we thought we would try it again.

At the Horizon

Over at Easternkicks, I continue my slow journey around the Asian cinematic landscape with my review of a film from Laos. And it is pretty darn enjoyable too!

House of 72 Tenants

Another film that I have had in my watch list for some time. I’ve actually watched and reviewed the sequel some years ago, but that was in the vacuum of ignorance. I’ll talk about the influence and importance of this movie after the synopsis, which will go something like this… “House of 72 Tenants” is…

Brighter Summer Day

So yeah. It’s been a while. Now there is some stuff coming on that has been in the old written inventory for a while, but I do realise how long it has been since I have written anything up for here. I’ve got excuses.. mostly about some workload issues in the paying job, but…

The Mobfathers

More coverage from the NYAFF16 over at Easternkicks. This time I have a look at Herman Yau’s Triad drama starring Chapman To.