Here Are a Few of My Favourite (Asian) Things


Welcome back Casual Readers.

Here is how it is going to work for the foreseeable future.  For several years now I have been adding to my already crazy DVD habit by watching many films from Asia.  Actually, to be honest, mostly from Japan and Korea – but forgive me my ignorance.  Some have been good.  Some not so good.  And I am going going to discuss my favourites.  I have 15-20 in mind, so this might take a while.  And of course, as has been noted by others, my ADD is quite possibly going to leave this in the same state of flux as my other grand blog ideas.  But I am certain there are people here who are going to kick me up the virtual arse.

After this, I am going to talk about why “House” is my current favourite TV show, and list the 10 episodes of Seinfeld you really must watch.

But we are a long long way from there.


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