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I don’t know how many people are reading this blog.  Well that is a bit of a fib, because I do.  And I know it is not many.  But that does not matter because this is a vanity project!

When I started on this Asian Movie countdown, I listed about 12 films that I wanted to talk about.  We are already at 15, and I have only covered 6 of the films I had in my original list.  I think I am going to get up to 30 no problem.  So bear with me.  I have 3 films that I am deliberately leaving to the end, because I am trying to work out my voice for this blog.  Tell me if it is working for you.  I like having comments.

Also, if there are any films you think I should be looking at – let me know – I like having a lively comments section.

The thing is, a couple of films I want to talk about next mean an awful lot to me.  And I am a bit fragile at the moment.  So it might be a while before I can emotionally deal with them – I like to watch the movie again before posting.

Although knowing me, I’ll probably just keep on posting.  Good therapy isn’t it?

I also have a lot of thoughts about the House and Seinfeld posts, but I need to work on that.

I am finding it hard to keep the Football and Comic chat away from here.  So what do you all think?  Keep it off of here? Start a separate blog?  Right now I am staying focused!


One Comment Add yours

  1. C. says:

    Hey, I like to read your blog, as you already may know! 🙂

    Well, I'd say, keep on posting!

    And about the football and comic chat… Hmm… Maybe you should work faster on the movies so that you can end it before you start to talk about different things?

    Or well, bring up a movie about football and try to supress your desires about it with that? 😛

    Whatever you do, keep going! 🙂


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