21 A Man Who Was Superman

“The Past cannot be changed.  It haunts me every day.  But the Future…”

I know what you are thinking – a comic book movie.  Well it isn’t.  a_man_who_was_superman_poster-01 Yes this film uses the Superman Mythos as a structure for this film, but it really is a movie about humanity, and what it means to be human.

Our old friend Jun Ji-Hyun plays a world weary documentary film maker, making human interest stories.  She literally Channels Margot Kidder in Superman 1 and 2 here – she looks tired, puffy but still amazing.

The star though is Hwang Jeong-min – he plays the “Superman” character, although all is not as it seems.  His “Superman” is all too human, struggling with great loss and mental illness to make the world a better place, in little ways.

A beautiful film, with many wonderful scenes.

This is a film about a man who lost his father, a man who lost his family. 

It is a story about how we can all strive to be better.

It is a story about the big picture of being human.

It is the story about learning to feel again when you have become numb and world weary.

It is a story about not being an observer, about taking action.

This is a film that inspires me to be a better person.  An inspirational tale.

I wish I shared more in common with this Superman than a penchant for Hawaiian shirts.


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  1. C. says:

    I really bet that you do. 😉


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