25 Kamikaze Girls

Sometimes you find a surprising delight. I cannot even tell you what made me watch this film, no-one recommended it to me, I did not find it due to a link at a review site, I just had it.  Very odd.

But very welcome.

Kamikaze Girls” is a sweet tale of two young girls who are rebelling 90196439_7025b080ea against society – one by the way she dresses (as a Rococo-inspired Lolita) and one by the way she acts (as a Yanki – a biker delinquent).  They form an unlikely friendship, over fake clothing, and a desire NOT to fit in.  But it is not one of THOSE, this is a charming, colourful film.

In fact the colour just leaps off of the screen – it is like a box of delicious Jelly Beans.  The pace is fast, and it is wonderfully stylish.  We get flashbacks, false flashbacks, on screen graphics, crazy characters, two wonderfully cute girls and Pachinko.

The two leads are a joy to behold, especially Kyôko Fukada who plays the Momoko who rebels against her life via fashion.  Anna Tsuchiya is also a lot of fun as the biker girl, but her character is not quite as captivating.

The film is not terribly “deep”, but it is so so stylish.  Based on a novel and a Manga, it is directed with aplomb by Tetsuya Nakashima.  All the time something is happening on screen to raise a smile on your face.

The soundtrack is also quite marvellous.

This is a short review – but I just adored this little movie.


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