More Close….But No Cigar

My Scary Girl

I really should hate this one.  But I don’t.  I don’t love it, so it does not quite make the list, but by a closer margin than I expected.

This is a very funny movie, about a somewhat uptight guy who meetsMy_Scary_Girl_film_poster a girl with quite a dark past and a penchant for murder.  Think “The 40 Year Old Virgin” crossed with “So I Married an Axe Murderer”.

It is cheaply made, and is directed with efficiency, but is certainly not offensive to the eye.  The lead character, played by Park Yong-woo, is very entertaining, and is delivered in quite an unusual but entertaining manner.  Choi Kang-hie is more than fine as the titular character.  Maybe some of the other characters are a little too comically played for it to be as successfully dark as maybe it would like to be.

Initially I hated the idea of the movie as the international title was obviously playing on something we will take about another time, “My Sassy Girl”.  But to be fair, this has been done to give it some kind of international market – but it is not even in the same class.

It is however, a very funny, quite dark, movie, although all the humour is in a couple of the characters, and you just wonder if more could have been done with it considering the plotline.  It maybe could have done with a little more explanation about one of the background stories.

The plot unravels a little too late in the movie for my liking, giving us the emotional crisis far too late, meaning it all ends in a hurry, even though there is a semi-optimistic coda.

At the risk of contradicting myself though – it is redeemed by ending.  You see, movies like this usually go one of three ways:

1) They could have just gone off together.

2) The murders could be explained as accidents – or even worse that they were committed by someone else!

3) She goes psycho on him.

None of these happen, which makes the direction the movie tales quite interesting. 

So – I quite liked it, it could have been better, but certainly an enjoyable diversion.  And next up – we return to the list proper…


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