Recipe For Disappointment – The Uninvited

I have not talked about many horror films recently, which is interesting, because that was basically how I came into Asian Cinema.  So, I thought I would take a look at a movie I had ready for a long time, but had never gotten around to watching.

Add to this it stars the usually super Jun Ji-hyun, I thought “The Uninvited” would be well worth watching.Uninvited

Oh dear.

Now lets get this out of the way.  I like slow, meditative movies.  Remember “Cure”?  I love the films of M. Night Shyamalan This film is slow.  But in a bad way.  It manages to drag along for over two hours, combining two distinct but intertwining stories, and still failed to engage me on any level.  Even with infanticide (numerous) and Narcolepsy on the menu.

There are a couple of great shock moments.  But as a horror movie it fails.  It does not disturb, and that is the important component with this kind of movie.  All the shocks are the same – babies fall a long way, people commit suicide (or try to) by falling a long way.  Even the reveal of what is wrong with the leading male character (Park Shin-yang) is confused (and done so much better in “Box”).

Only Yu Seon comes out of the film with much credit, as the rather interesting girlfriend, but her story is never completed.

It does look great, but sometimes style is no substitute for substance.  And to put people through over two hours of suspense, and never fulfil a number of plot points – well that is lazy and unforgivable.

However – I did like the last scene.  Which is why It gets to be spoken about….


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