Welcome to Ha Ji-Won Week

This is the first of an irregular themed set of postings, where I will concentrate on a specific actor or actress, or maybe a connected set of movies.

The first subject is the immensely talented Korean star Ha Ji-Won.1_ha_ji-won   There are two reasons for starting with her.  Firstly, synchronicity has landed a number of films that I have been watching on my screen that all star or co-star her.  Secondly, I realised she was the star of the first Korean movie I have purchased.  Seems like a sensible way to start?

I call this Ha Ji-Won week, but that is merely for titling – I suspect this will go on for a little while.

Ha Ji-won is a great actress, but I think her greatest asset is her versatility.  As you will see in the next few postings, she has succeeded in multiple genres – Horror, Comedy, Drama and Epic.

She won’t necessarily be the “star” of all the films I talk about next, but she will always be an important component.


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