Ha Ji-Won Week – 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant

We will end Ha Ji-won week with a comedy.  To be honest, there were a couple more things I wanted to talk about, and I suspect we will be discussing these at a later date.  However, a week is a week, and I have some non-Ha Ji-won material I want to get through.

100 Days With Mr. Arrogant” is a fun little romp.  Ha-yeong (Ha Ji100_Days_With_Mr_Arrogant_poster -Won) is a schoolgirl, who by accident damages the car of an older guy, Hyeong-jun (Jae-Won Kim).  Now Hyeong-jun is indeed the Mr. Arrogant of the title, a rich, good looking, rather self confident chap.  To make her pay for the damage, he forces her to sign up to be his slave for 100 days.  (Now 100 days seems to be an important event in young Korean dating, as it seems to be a significant anniversary).  You know what happens from here – they fall for each other, struggle a bit, and well, for once there IS a happy ending.

The Comedy a bit uneven – there are two moments of gross out comedy that the Farrally Brothers would be proud of.  There is a bit of slapstick, a bit of fish out of water, pretty much all the comedy tropes are experienced.  Of course, the comedy is put to the side for the dénouement.

Ha Ji-won’s performance may or may not endear you to her – she plays up a lot to the camera (mugging is the phrase I have seen a couple of times) – but I did not mind that in this kind of film – this is not a realistic film, and personally I find her rather fun.  As a twenty-something playing a schoolgirl, I found her utterly convincing, and her character’s jump into maturity was performed well.

The romance does seem to pop out of nowhere, but once it has been unleashed, it is dealt with in an interesting way.

If I have a criticism, then the final scene is maybe a little bit of a mis-step – Ha-yeong has become rather unlikeable with the introduction of money in her life – which to my mind undoes all the growth that her character undertook in the final third of the movie.

In conclusion – this film will not change your life.  But it is certainly very enjoyable and rewatchable.  More importantly it shows another side of an actress that I enjoy immensely. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    your so adorable and so talented i hope i will you soon


  2. ElPeevio says:

    Yes, I am adorable and talented…. oh wait, somehow I suspect you meant the lovely Miss Ji-won and not me 🙂

    I am dying to know however what Anonymous will be doing soon…. maybe a word or two missing?


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