Time For Reflection

It is that time of year I suppose.  The snow is falling and Britain’s drivers show how inept they are with dealing with the smallest amount of inclement weather.  Tottenham are showing a reasonable amount of form in the Premier league.  It must be Christmas/New Year.

Many Reviewers and Bloggers are putting together their “Best Of 2009”.  I don’t really have that opportunity as I am picking films from various times, as I either watch them, or find time to reminisce.  Nor do I feel that I am writing reviews as such, just a collection of comments and feelings.

However, I have had a couple of requests recently to either put together a list of my true favourites, or a post that can act as a portal to the rest of the blog. So here in summary for Rachel in Missoula, Montana and Darren in London is my attempt to summarise the last few months at “Things Fall Apart”.  Darren actually inspired me to start blogging in the first place (go visit him at his fabulous link blog).  I should also thank my dear friend Han-Byul for giving me the inspiration to start and continue with this blog, and for constantly suggesting new films for me to try.

I guess it is obvious to most that I came into Asian cinema through the J-Horror boom.  Interestingly, I have not covered too many movies in this genre.  In fact it seems I have discovered a softer side to myself and really enjoyed more melodrama.  Anyway, without further ado, here are the 16 films I have covered so far that I would suggest you all try and hunt down:

1) Summer Time Machine Blues.  This was the first film I covered that I watched after starting the blog.  A clever little movie, that does Time-Travel right.

2) Il Mare.  Probably one of the finest Korean Movies I have covered.  Touching, clever, bittersweet.

3) Windstruck.  Whilst this film is far from perfect, it is to me the perfect film.  The film here I have watched the most often.

4) Classic.  A film with plenty of faults, but a thing of beauty.

5) Lovers Concerto.  The Terminal beauty film with a double whammy.

6) Secret.  A genius piece of film-making.  Story, direction and Score in perfect harmony.

7) Duelist.  This gem was hidden in Ha Ji-Won week, a difficult film to understand, a beautiful one to watch.

8) Chungking Express.  Probably the easiest film on the list to find for us Westerners.  This film has rewarded me more on re-watching than any other.

9) Beyond Our Ken.  This one was a surprise to me.  Maybe a little cynical for some, but this is a little movie that does big things.

10) Turn Left Turn Right.  If this movie was a box of sweets I would eat them all in one sitting.  Again, not one for everyone, but such a rewarding experience.

11) A Man Who Was Superman.  The best Superman film ever. The film that has inspired me most this year.

12) 3-Iron. Now I love dialogue, but this film barely has a word uttered.  The director’s finest.

13) Joint Security Area.  Mix one of Korea’s finest directors, with some of their finest acting talent, add some modern history and bake for 2 hours.  I thought there would be more Park Chan-wook movies in this list, but this is an example of his talent distilled to perfection.

14) Save The Green Planet.  Mad, touching, intelligent, genius.

15) Swing Girls. A complete surprise when I first saw it, and just as delightful upon each revisit.

16) 3 Extremes. That rare beast, an anthology film where all the parts deserve to be watched. 

The blog has not run the way I thought it would.  I started with a list of 15 movies.  I still have to cover my favourite 7 (Oldboy, My Sassy Girl, Infernal Affairs, Uzamki, Battle Royale, Suicide Circle and Kairo).  I have at least another 20 movies that I know I want to talk about.  There are also a couple of TV shows that deserve some discussion.  I had a blast with Ha Ji-Won week, and have another couple of themed posts in mind.

Thanks for sticking with me, there is plenty more to come.


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