Little Footnotes


I have been laid up with bruised or cracked ribs recently, and I took the chance to revisit a couple of movies that I have spoken about before, and taken some time to re-evaluate my original opinions.

I may have been over-harsh on “Cyborg She”.  Whilst I still think the film is overlong and inconsistent, upon a second viewing, I think it achieved much more emotional resonance over the first two thirds of the movie.

Forbidden Kingdom” also got another play, and interestingly, my express bathing in the pool of Wuxia actually made the film even more enjoyable.  Having some knowledge of other films and characters made this one even more fun.

Finally, “In The Mood For Love” got me through a night when the painkillers just would not do the job.  This one is not so much a re-appraisal, but a re-confirmation.


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