The Worst Asian Film of 2010–My Sassy Girl 2

You know, I had big plans for this post, I was working on a different way of doing the review, but after several days of attempts, I not only got furious with the technology, but I realised – THIS FILM DOES NOT DESERVE THE EFFORT!!

It is an open secret that the original “My Sassy Girl” will appear in position 100 as one of my favourite films, Asian or otherwise, of all time.  I have put off writing my review until I felt comfortable in writing it.  But I know I will never be able to express it in the way I want, so I am going to stop procrastinating, and get on with it.  Eventually….

The film already has a pseudo-sequel of sorts in Windstruck, and that is where it should have stopped.  This is just the worst kind of cash in.


  • It has NOTHING to do with the original film
  • It has NO cast members from the original film.
  • The original director has NOTHING to do with it.
  • It’s not even bloody Korean (there is an alleged Korean Character, and one word of Korean is spoken).
  • There is not even any thematic resonance.

Basically we have a rather unpleasant girl, who is dumped by an even more unpleasant boyfriend.  She somehow co-opts an utterly pathetic guy into formulating some kind of plan of revenge.  I’m still unsure about what exactly the plan is – some decidedly un-funny set-pieces really fail to hang together.  We also have a b-plot which involves the unpleasant girls cousin who has a relationship with a rather effeminate guy.  This b-plot is even less satisfying, as it is resolved in about 10 minutes.

It is directed by the usually reliable Joe Ma, who has at least one rave review on this blog.  But he should go hang his head in shame.

My original thought was, if this was not such an obvious cash-in, maybe there is a decent movie floating behind the title.  But, the more I think about it, the worse it gets.  There is NOTHING to redeem this movie.  It is worse than “Beauty on Duty!”.  It’s not funny, the story does not hang together, and even the romance-angle seems to come from nowhere.

You might recognise Lynn Hung in the lead role as the wife in the two Donnie Yen Ip Man films – nothing about her understated performance in those films is replicated here. 

I have to stop now, before I get too bitter.  This is CRAP.  recommended never even had a chance.


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