"The Neighbour Zombie"


Right, I have been waiting to watch this one a long long time, after fellow reviewer Nekoneko piqued my interest.  The DVD was stupidly expensive, but I just could not wait to see if a cheaper Hong Kong release would come out, and any online versions remained subtitle free.  Of course this changed the minute the DVD dropped through my door – but then that’s how my life works.

The Neighbour Zombie” is an interesting low budget anthology piece – far from perfect, but with enough ideas to make it at lease Recommended.

“Hang on” I hear you say – “that’s a bit of a short review, even for you Mr ThingFallApart”!.  Well, as you probably have noticed – this is my first video review, so you will have to listen to my thoughts on this one.  And watch.  But you are allowed to close your eyes! 

It’s all a bit low quality, basically it is me and my iPad2.  The angle is unattractive (although to be honest there is a reason I am not a film star), and my eyes are all over the place.  If I am to do this again I may prepare a little more, at least memorise my notes.  Also, the phone rang just as I was finishing up, and I am too lazy to be super clever with this.  Anyway, that’s a bucket load of excuses, I hope you enjoy.

I will be sticking with written reviews in the main, but I do like to play with the format a little.  I have another little idea to explore if I can find the right movie, and to be honest if this does not break the internet in half, I’ll try and do this once a month or so.


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  1. Nekoneko says:

    Hehehe…. “Stupidly expensive”. I like that…. much more polite than the words I use.

    I've been particularly miffed since the average price for Korean DVD's went up about the middle of last year. They were never cheap… but at roughly 23-24$ US they were a steal compared to the 40-70$ US discs out of Japan. Now I really have to ponder before picking up a film at 30 or more dollars a shot. Makes taking a risk on a film much harder….


  2. ElPeevio says:

    Yes Japanese films really are amazingly pricey, and usually lacking in English Subtitles. Korean ones I don't mind too much as they usually have excellent subtitles and extras, just a really worthwhile package.

    I still find if I wait a little while the prices drop very significantly, and as long as I order in bulk and get the free shipping, it is still far cheaper than actually hunting down a cinema for those occasional UK releases.


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