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I promise that there are a whole stack of reviews coming up soon, but with my Birthday and some work and life-related stuff going on these last couple of weeks, I just haven’t had time to jot down all my thoughts.  And then friend of the blog Neko tagged me with this little meme, which seemed like a fun idea to have a little traipse down memory lane.  I am not usually one for these “chain letter” ideas, so I won’t be continuing it on (unless any reader would LIKE to take the idea on, if you do, I will happily link you up), but for several reasons it felt that maybe the time was right.

Neko puts the rules down well, so to save my keyboard, go read her post here, and hurry on back.

Right, I see you made it back, so I will begin!

1: Tell everyone something about yourself that nobody else knows.

This is actually the toughest, as I really like to protect my anonymity, and long time readers will have glimpse very little about me and who I am about my posts.  Part of this is because I am an English Male, so reserved is my motto, but also because I really wanted to keep the blog focussed.  However, here is something that only one other person in the world knows about me (and as that person is really part of this blog, I think I can just get this one through the rules).

I have a real problem with numbers.  Remembering them.  And at times it can be quite crippling.  It is not that I am no good at mathematics – in fact I am rather good at manipulating numbers, and really rather good at approximations.  But if you asked me to remember your telephone number, or how many millilitres are in an American Cup, or even my own Bank Card PIN number – forget it.  In fact , there was a time I did not know my OWN telephone number – and even now, I have no idea what my mobile number is.  You ever see a guy standing at an ATM muttering a four digit number under his breath over and over?  That’ll be me.  The irony is, in my job, I work with a lot of numbers, codes and so on, but none of them ever stick.  It is a known medical condition, Dyspraxia, but I am self-diagnosed, and I am sure if I used certain techniques I could beat it. 

2: Link to a post that you think fits the following categories:

“The Most Beautiful Piece”

This one is easy.  My post on “Il Mare” is the one post I have written that has come straight from the heart.  It is about the film, but also about someone very special to me, someone who at the time may as well have been living in the future or the past.  Three years later, and I feel just as strongly about it as I did then.  If not more so

“Most Helpful Piece”

I am not sure I can really say I have been a lot of help to people!  At least not in my blog posting.  Maybe I encouraged a couple of people to see a film, or maybe someone decided against spending a few pennies on a film because of what I have written.  However, back before I knew what I was doing, and before I found my calling in writing about Asian Movies, I once had my Hotmail account scammed.  I never got it back, but it taught me a whole lot about safety on the net, and how easy it is to lose everything online.  It is still one of my more popular posts, and I hope a few people have used it to take a bit more care over their personal affairs online.  I am sure things are better now, but writing this made me realise how many online friends I lost in that fiasco.

“Most Popular Piece”

I am going to cheat and select two.  Pre-Asian Cinema days, and due in part to a good friend publishing a link on his extremely popular blog, I had 100’s of hits in a short space of time, when I wrote about my love of Columbo.

However, that was a quick burst, whereas the most popular post over a long time has been my one about Azumi.  It is because it is my best piece?  Nope, it is because people are constantly searching for news about Azumi 3!!  There is a similar story about around my Sex is Zero post, which seems to get attracted by people searching for “54sex”.  I have no idea WHAT they are looking for, but I doubt it is a Ha Ji-won movie.

You might see the most popular posts section over to the right of this page – to be honest, I am not sure really whether to believe what it says – it never seems to tally with my Statcounter statistics.

“Most Controversial Piece”

ThingsFallApart is hardly the place to come for controversy.  In fact I am rather measured, and often try and see the good even in the bad.  But I guess my glowing review of Love You You (and it made my Top 10 for that year), really was something no-one would expect – it was pretty much pilloried by proper reviewers, yet I was enchanted by it.

“Most Surprisingly Successful Piece”

I am always surprised when anyone actually looks at my blog, and even more so when they come back!  However, my week long Ha Ji-won marathon not only seems to still get a small repeat audience, it also was about as much focussed fun as I have even done on here.  I have tried to do something similar, but never quite got inspired enough.

“Most Underrated Piece”

I think I am rather amusing in real life, but I am never quite sure if my attempts at comedy on here actually work.  But I do think my little piece on Attaku Number 1 worked rather well.  Sadly, it was maybe too obscure for most, and my J-Drama reviews are competing with too many better blogs for it to get any notice.

“Most Pride-worthy Piece”

This is easy.  Although I really enjoyed the results of my various “On….” pieces, my review of My Sassy Girl was pretty much what I built up to and I was honestly going to call a halt to proceedings there and then.  Sadly, it fell at a really critical juncture of my life, and maybe got lost in a lot of personal issues.  But as part of a journey, and as at least a point of temporary closure for me, I don’t think I have written anything better.

3: Nominate and pass this along to 7 fellow bloggers.

I don’t know any other bloggers!  So I am going to end this particular chain right now!.  But as I said earlier – anyone who wants to take this on – let me know!


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