A Change Of Decor, The Cabin In The Woods, More Moonlighting


No real review today, but I thought a little catch-up on some changes on what is going on here at ThingsFallApart Towers recently might be in order.

Firstly, the obvious stuff.  I have changed the look and feel of the blog a little.  Blogger is quite fun at this, and whilst I enjoyed having all those movie posters as a background, it had gotten more than a little out of date, plus I thought it looked a little busy – although no one actually complained.  I am working on a more appropriate background long term, but for now you can share the view with the delightful Jun Ji-hyeon.  Not only that, but I have disabled the mobile view from Blogger, as it has had a bit of an impact on my statistics – turns out all those views from mobile devices have not been counted!

Secondly, I saw “Cabin in the Woods” last night.  I thought it was a wonderful little film.  It’s a smart little “Twilight Zone” sort of story – combining everything that was meta-smart about “Scream”, with the non-navel gazing parts of “The Trueman Show” with some smart Joss Whedon observation, one-liners and Character Moments.  It gets to be mentioned here, as it does have a little nod to J-Horror, with a fantastic little joke at that genre.  Highly Recommended.  I might consider a fuller review in the next week, but I do have two far more appropriate pieces on the boil for you all.

Finally, I wrote a little article for a new online Magazine, called “Glitter”.  Now as the magazine is something you have to pay for, I can’t actually show everything I wrote, but I had a blast (eventually) writing a piece about how “In The Mood For Love” could be a good starting point for us Westerners to start appreciating Asian Cinema.

If you are interested, then go visit the Glitter Website, or if you are that way inclined, see what they are up to on Facebook.  To tempt you here are a couple of pages – I think you can see they have done a lovely job in decorating my words.




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  1. Nekoneko says:

    Whew… Sorry it's been a while since I dropped by but lately it seems I'm bogged down with “real world overload”…. 😦

    I like the new look… It's the sort of thing I indulge in as well from time to time. Nothing like shaking up things now and again.

    Haven't seen “Cabin In The Woods” yet, but Carolyn keeps trying to tempt me into going some night, so maybe I'll let her twist my arm into seeing it soon.

    Blog stats can be strange indeed…. My own flutter up and down like crazy depending upon the activities of some of the search engine 'bots or the activity of spammers crawling about. You never know what to expect.

    Good to hear about the magazine articles… Always great to have the exposure for your stuff.


  2. ElPeevio says:

    Nice to have you pop by! The new look is potentially temporary, I have an idea that I want to put into play, just lacking the artistic skills right now!

    I really recommend 'Cabin in the Woods' – it is smart and funny enough for the casual viewer, but just full of little easter eggs for us horror fans.

    Blogger is really starnge in terms of statistics, like you say, pleny of crawlers and spammers out there – and I find comparing it with my other tool fascinating. They match about 80%. However, as they rely on a script being executed on the viewer's PC, they are always going to be variable in their success – but what I found most odd was that no-one had looked at the site from a mobile device – including me! I then realised it was the blogger mobile view, which doesn't display all the widgets – so I traded off the visual noise with being able to see where people are coming from. I always get a little thrill when someone from a fresh country turns up 🙂

    And – “War of the Arrows”? Nudge Nudge!


  3. Nekoneko says:

    Hahaha!! I know… I haven't forgotten about “War of the Arrows”, it's just that my time is all messed up as of late, much of it my own darn fault as I try to catch up on things I let slide most of last month. I'm really behind on doing stuff at the “Litterbox” as a result…. sigh. 😦

    But…. I'm seriously going to try like heck to get it ready by this Friday so we can set things up.


  4. ElPeevio says:

    Take a week out of life.. spend a month getting back on track – I know that feeling 🙂

    Anyway, no worries, I will have to see what I can do by Friday too. Let me know exactly how you would like to share the review – if you just want to post concurrently, that would be great, but I have some other ideas to make it a little more joined-up if you are interested.


  5. Nekoneko says:

    Whew!!! It's ready…. my review for “War of the Arrows” is finally ready!!

    Bet you had thought I'd just plain disappeared… forgotten about it… had my lil' butt kidnapped by aliens or something.

    Just let me know your ideas on how we can “join it all up” and I'll do the stuff on my end before publishing the review… I'm soooo darn excited!! 🙂


  6. ElPeevio says:

    Well I had wondered where you had run off too. But then Cats are always prone to running away for a few weeks, but they always return home 🙂

    To be honest, I have been pretty lax myself. Some pretty down times personal-wise here at TFA Towers, and frankly watching films and writing about them has been something I have not gotten my head around 😦 I've still got an article to write for that magazine, and I have at least 3 films I want to at least capsule. *sigh*

    BUT! I do need to shake myself out of this fugue, and I think “Things in the Litterbox” or “The Litterbox Falls Apart” (as I have taken to think about it) could be just the project I need.

    Now, my ideas are:

    a) We could just have our seperate reviews, post the up and link to each other. But that seems a little dull, and nothing we have not done before.

    b) Now this is going to take a leap of faith on your part. What I was imagining is that you could email me your review. I could then edit into it my own reactions to the film, in a kind of he said/she said manner. I would then get it back to you – and we could publish them seperately in our own blog formats. However, I know you are not one for the whole social networking thing (and frankly, my days of that are well past me) – but it would mean an email exchange. I think I lost my link on the blog in the redecoration, but thingsfallapart@hotmail.co.uk is what I am using for blog stuff. I just thought it would be cool to have the same review in both locations for our seperate audiences.

    Let me know what you think, and I can get to work on it. I'm going to be a little tied up for a couple of days, but I have most of Sunday available for doing all my writing, and this would go top of the list!


  7. Nekoneko says:

    That definitely sounds do-able. 😉

    I'll do a little bit of “copy & paste” to my e-mail and get it right along to you. I'm not certain the Pictures, Video, and such will be visible, but I can always edit those back in once we get the text together.


  8. Neo says:

    Nice stuff man! great to say another person with real passion and fire for Hk cinema!


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