Cinema Trip

Two posts in a day? Why not.  Actually, I tried to post this Saturday Night, when the whole thing was fresh and new, but the iPhone Blogger App let me down.  Anyway, I don’t usually post about stuff outside of reviews, but I had a bit of a super experience at the weekend.  And I wanted to share with my faithful readership!

As part of the background for doing this blog, I do rely on signing up to various mailing list, just to keep me in the know.  So as I got home from a long work day on Friday, I nearly dismissed one piece of email junk, until I realised that it actually was quite interesting.  Seems that “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” was going to be playing at the Hackney Picturehouse on Friday and Saturday Night.  In, and this was the really exciting bit, 3D!!!  Now I am not fan of 3D films, but I had heard good things about this, and I lamented in my review that I would never get the chance.  Now Friday just wasn’t going to happen.  But Saturday?  Let’s just say it was all booked before the old work suit had been hung up.

Problem is, Hackney is awkward to get to from where I live.  So the only answer was going to be to drive.  But I hate driving in London.  I hate driving in London in the dark.  I hate driving in London in the dark on a Saturday night.  I hate driving in London in the dark on a Saturday night in the pouring Rain.  But.. we are talking about a chance to see a Tsui Hark movie (sure, not his best) on the big screen!

So I put aside all my hates and embarked on a journey that took me way longer than I anticipated.  Even though I had planned for some food on the way, traffic was awful, and even though there was only a single instance of me going down a one way street (thanks SatNav), I literally made it with 3 minutes to spare.  So, no time for popcorn or a fizzy drink even. 

The staff seemed rather disinterested, and ushered me up some fire escape to a screen they refused to put a number on. And despite me having to prebook the 3D glasses, there was just a box outside the door full of them.  Expecting to see a busy cinema, I was somewhat shocked to see 3 other people in there (one other turned up after 5 minutes).  Damn you England.  You get a rare chance to see something different, and you just don’t take advantage.

However, I managed to stay awake, and even though I didn’t get home to 3am, I had a great time.

And the film?  It was just as flawed as it was the other 5 times I saw it.  Lots of fun, and for once the 3D actually did make a difference.  Although, floating subtitles do take some getting used to.  And the whole Mavis Fan turnaround still makes not a jot of sense to me.


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  1. Nekoneko says:

    Nice bit of luck!! 😉

    We rarely get to see any Asian film on the big screen in my neck of the woods, although sometimes they play in the city and I can convince Carolyn that we need a day-trip with shopping, dinner and a movie on tap for the effort.

    Can't say 3-D is my cup of tea though…. those movies always give me headaches when I try to watch them, even the newer tech efforts.


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