December… Things To Come… And Some News

For what seems the umpteenth time, I will apologise for the severe lack of new content here over the last few months.  That silly thing called the real world, that horrid necessity of paid employment, some other things which really were far more important, and a general lack of Mojo have really kept me from writing new reviews, though ironically, I have not watched so many films and TV shows since about 2009.

With things on an even keel, and December promising a fair bit more “me” time available, I would hope to offer up at least a couple of decent reviews before Old Father Time closes the Door on 2012, and proves the Mayans wrong.  Not only that, I have some extra treats in store for you my faithful readership!  How does the following sound?

  • In the next couple of days, there should be the long promised and much delayed bi-annual crossover with my friend from over the Atlantic, Nekoneko and her Litterbox, with a joint review at both her place and mine of the Korean action-comedy “Miss Conspirator”.  We have finally got my people to talk to her people, and other than some t’s to cross and i’s to dot… I think that should be posted up both here and there soon (remember, it is different content on both sides, so make sure you go look.  Just promise to come back).
  • Finally, I alluded to the end of 2012.  So how about my ever popular Top 10 of 2012?  Right now it doesn’t feel like a classic year (and God, it was hard enough to find 10 films last year), but I am sure when I go back and look at my posts for the year, I’ll find enough.  I will also be crowning the worst film of the year, and give a little shout out to the best Asian Drama I have seen.

On a final note, I have had to close the ability to post comments anonymously on here.  Whilst the lack of comments is something I find a little frustrating, my mailbox is getting hammered with lots of spam requests.  So sorry if this causes pain to anyone who is inspired to write to me, but there isn’t really any other way around it.  I’ve only ever had one Anonymous commenter who was a total Troll, and that I could deal with, but the general Spam has simply become unmanageable.

That’s it for now, but keep coming back and please try and keep commenting, or emailing me with ideas and feedback and even a suggestion or three!


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