The Man With The Iron Fists

When is an Asian movie NOT an Asian movie?  When it is an American homage to Asian movies that the makers obviously love, but simply are unable to recreate.

I have a new review of this one up over on EasternKicks,  drop by and have a look… but please promise to come back!


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  1. mistressneko says:

    …”Millionaire Playboy by day, Masked Avenger for Justice by Night”…?

    Hmmmm? A certain “Magical Catgirl Princess” is happy to see she's not the only film fan with an active fantasy life… 😉

    As always, a nice concise review that hits all the right points.


  2. ElPeevio says:

    Thing is… Is it the millionaire playboy or the masked avenger which is the fantasy?

    And thanks, believe it or not, that one took me 3 weeks to get around to. I need an assistant lol.

    I've got some interesting and different stuff coming up, with a little foray into silent movies!


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