I Am Still Alive!


First, the apology

Hello readers.  Never sure how many regular readers I have, but I do know recently my output has been a little sporadic to say the least.  Things at the Towers have been a little “difficult”, and probably will be for a little while.

However, films are still getting watched.  I might have to do a big capsule posting soon, as there is a bunch of things that I need to at least document.

There should be a new review in the next few days of Takashi Miike’s “For Love’s Sake” going up on EasternKicks.com soonish though (once Andrew has massaged it into something useful).

ThingsFallApart Embraces Social Media

I am probably going to start making a touch more use of social media now, so some things might be in the form of a twitter post…. or in a big step for me, on my Facebook Page!  So don’t assume no blogging

I also really would like some more guest posts.  If you think you might like to have something relevant published on here, then you now have a variety of methods!

  • Drop me a mail on


  • or tweet me on


  • or come friend me on Facebook on


Don’t worry if you are concerned about your abilities, this really isn’t meant to be a professional place.  Whether it is 100 or 1000 words, no matter how worried you are about your English, I will help you out.  Just make it about Asian culture in some manner.

And Finally, A Competition

And to celebrate this new world, how about a little competition?

I accidently double ordered the recent Chinese release “Finding Mr Right” on DVD.  Now instead of laboriously sending it back, I thought I would give it away to one of my readers.  Now it is a R3 release, so bear this in mind if you come from another territory (but most of us have multi-region players these day right?).

To win?  Just drop me a mail.  I will collate and randomly choose at the end of August (assuming anyone writes in!).  I will even stump up the postal charges!


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