Non-Fiction Diary

Sorry about the lack of content recently.  Been rather busy moving into my own place (finally!!).  Not much time for watching stuff, let alone writing.  However, once I decide to put my DVDs on shelves rather than using them as some kind of uncomfortable and awkward carpet, we should be back with some new reviews.

To tide you over, go have a look see at my latest review over at – the South Korean Documentary “Non-Fiction Diary”.


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  1. Nekoneko says:

    Hahaha!! Sounds like the last time I did some serious cleaning. 😉

    Our lil’ apartment has two bedrooms, but I’ve always used one of them for storage and back when Carolyn first moved in and brought her stuff along I had to pack away some of my older DVD’s and for about three days I had them arranged in little piles all over the floor in there while I decided which ones would get packed away where it would be hard to get to them and which ones I might want to be able to watch again. Decisions.., decisions… 🙂


    1. Yeah. That’s pretty much a fair description of what it was like here. But a night struggling with IKEA instructions, scrapes, bruises and no little brute force? I have a floor again.
      Though no idea if I’d actually be able to FIND a DVD in a hurry!


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