Hex, amongst other things

Hello dear readers, I thought I’d drop in on my travels (and use the available wifi), to give a little update about what’s happening and suchlike.

First, I’m now in Taiwan, and maybe struggling a little. It’s a touch less cosmopolitan than Hong Kong, but I’m sure I’ll work everything out soon. Travelling to the other side of the world alone will do that to you.

On the other hand, Hong Kong remained great, it was nice how things just slipped into place as soon as I arrived. Basically it feels like a little home away from home. I challenged my taste buds a little (I like Durian, who would have guessed?), and visited a couple of places I missed out on last time. Like Aberdeen (I didn’t go on that side of Hong Kong Island before) and Macau. To be honest? I wasn’t really impressed with Macau. And some of that was possibly my own fault. I know it sounds obvious, but I hadn’t really appreciated that it was another country. With its own border controls and currency. So what looked like a nice little day trip, turned into a bit of a hassle. Plus… Well it’s like Las Vegas but less Garish

I also saw the Occupy Central protest camps all over, as well as a rally on the other side of the argument. It felt somewhat I was there at a low ebb for the movement, but hopefully some good will come out of it.

And brush with fame time… I shared at least 5 seconds in a lift with Hong Kong singer Kay Tse. Or she unknowingly shared it with me.

One of the nice things about taking a flight to Asia is i can catch a couple of movies that otherwise could be a little difficult to catch. So, hopefully there will be some reviews of ‘Thermae Romae 2’ and ‘All-Round Appraiser Q’ coming soon.

Finally, Usually for Halloween I watch and review a horror movie. Physical and geographical limitations will prevent that this year, but I have gotten the homework in early, and you will already find my review of the utterly mad ‘Hex’ over at EasternKicks.com . And as its part of a seasonal Shaw Bros. Event there might be even more goodness for those interested!



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