Meanwhile… Over At Easternkicks..

As suggested in my last review for “In The Absence of the Sun“, I have been a little busy doing some work over at  However, it is all linked with what is probably my favorite UK Asian Film Festival, the Asia House Festival.  It is my favourite because it tends to showcase films from places further afield than Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, etc.  So this year it gave me the opportunity to have a look at some films from other regions.

So, as well as the lovely Indonesian drama we looked at last time, you can see the following over at EasternKicks:

My review of Vietnamase sci-fi/noir “2030”.  I wasn’t totally enamoured by it, but it is far from terrible.

My review of Cambodian drama “The Last Reel”.  This I loved, and leads us on to the final piece.

My Interview with the director of “The Last Reel”, Kulikar Sotho.  Behind the scenes, we had some difficulties, but it ended up being one of the best interviews I have done so far in my amateur journalistic career.

Next up we will be visiting Bollywood with Miyuki for one of our joint reviews.

After that?  I am not too sure.  That to-watch list is still huge.  I have a filipino 4 hour epic, another filipino movie that I really should get round to as the director has promised me an interview, plus a couple of Korean films I have been putting off for too long.  We shall see.


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