5th Annual Chinese Visual Festival

Meanwhile…. over in London the 5th Annual Chinese Visual Festival is about to start.  The Festival Director is Easternkicks very own James Mudge, and I have some reviews of some of the material popping up over there.  It’s a very interesting and varied festival, covering all sorts of visual arts.

For more info, hop by Eastern Kicks page all about the festival, if you are in London, I think there might be stuff for you to enjoy.

I have done a few reviews, which I will describe below, and you can go look if you are interested.

First up is “Cotton”, a rather fabulous documentary about the poorer side of modern China, focussing on all levels of the Cotton industry.

Then I have a look at “Meeting Dr Sun”, a quirky little high school/heist comedy, that rewards more for students of modern Taiwanese politics.

And finally, though it is not up yet, I go back to documentary-ville, and look at “Fish Story”, a charming and sometimes disarmingly honest look at poverty in Hong Kong through the eyes of children.

Oh, and of course, I have also reviewed “The Rice Bomber” here.


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