Reader Interaction Time!


The pile of films is getting somewhat frightening.  So I thought I would leave the next one up to my faithful readers.  Hong Kong, Thailand or South Korea are our latest destinations.


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  1. Nekoneko says:

    Hmmmm?My vote? I’d have to go with Thailand… I never get enough Thai films anymore. And, it will be interesting to see what Thai goodies have caught your eye of late. 😉


    1. Well technically this is something you’ve mentioned a couple of times and I want to get around to reviewing. BUT.. you are right, there are some Thai bits and bobs that need sorting out. There’s just too much to sort out!! The to-watch pile is actually beginning to scare me. It’s actually separated into two separate piles in different parts of my living room.

      Oh, and the happiest of Paper Anniversaries to you both 🙂


      1. Nekoneko says:

        Why thank you! We had a very nice lil’ private celebration (although we didn’t actually exchange “paper” gifts).

        Whew!! I know what you mean about the “to watch” pile… mine is building and building since I got tied up with work this month. So darn many to paw through. I have about twenty sitting in a heap next to the TV, some more than two month old that I just haven’t gotten to. 🙂


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