I am still quiet here. But very busy over there! Yes, yet another Easternkicks review is up! This time supporting the New York Asian Film Festival. Though that doesn’t mean I get to go to New York. The downside of the Internet! Anyway, go look at my review of the interesting Korean film ‘Socialphobia’, a murder mystery of sorts that’s got all sorts of questions about identity on the Internet to talk about. And if you thought Trolls were bad? Wait till you read about Korean Netizen’s for whom anonymity isn’t necessarily something they want to hide behind!

Coming up?  Well there’s a couple of things still to get published over at EK. And I’ve just done another director interview. Which will take me a while to transcribe. I’ll probably have a review of yet another Miike film up here soon. And hopefully later this month I’ll be branching out and taking part in a podcast. More details when it’s all happened!


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