Lee Chatametikool interview: “Editing is the last chance for the director to re-write the script”

It might be a little while longer before we get some new content up on here, as I’ve got a fair bit of homework to do for my next EasternKicks assignment.  But a special opportunity sometimes demands a little sacrifice! I’ll keep my powder dry for now (not willing to jinx it), but rest assured fellow ramblers, you’ll be kept in the loop!

Anyway, doesn’t mean there isn’t a total lack of ‘me’-content being published. I recently had the opportunity to interview Lee Chatametikool, director of ‘Concrete Clouds’ and award winning film editor. I also tried a slightly different technique in writing this one up, so if you feel like giving some feedback, it would be appreciated!

Lee of course was a delightful and generous subject.I’ve been dealing a lot with this group of film-makers over the last year, and they’ve all been refreshingly willing to talk.  I’m an amateur at best in both journalism and film (though you need a SQL Database fixed, I’m your man), so having these talented people give up their time for me?  It’s an honour.


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