Hey where’s the gweilo? Plus… 12 films to watch: a beginners guide to Asian Horror

Maybe some of you have noticed, but I haven’t blogged for a little while. I come prepared with a good excuse though… I’m visiting Hong Kong again!

I needed to get away from various pressures back in the UK, so after much deliberation (Cambodia and Singapore were very nearly my destinations, but I needed somewhere safe and comfortable), I have returned for the third time in 2 years. I’ve been having a lovely time, mixing up a bit of solitude with catching up with an old friend or two, but definitely taking everything at a much calmer pace than on my previous visits. I might write something about it upon my return, but more than likely I won’t!!

I’ll return to the Stephen Chow season when I get back (there’s another 4-5 mini reviews to do), along with a bunch of things I’ve purchased over here, and a couple I’ve seen on the plane (to be honest, I can’t write properly on my iPhone).

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have some stuff in the bank to share with you though! Halloween is coming up, so it’s only right I have my usual themed review for you. I might get something here for the 31st, and I might get a guest author to upload some content, but over at Eastern Kicks I have a couple of seasonal pieces being published.

Up right now is something I’ve planned to do for literally years. It’s a starter guide for people who want to get into Asian Horror. A fight-filled oriental Amuse-Bouche if you will allow me an oriental/occidental cookery metaphor. Nothing radical for connoisseurs of the extreme, but films that are a great entry point for the intrepid beginner.

There’ll be further, more exploratory, lists this week up on EK from some of our other contributors, along with some reviews. And one of these is one of mine looking at one of the classic Japanese ghost stories.


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