Fight Back To School

Broad Outline: Chow plays Sing (or Star if you read the subtitles), a disgraced SDU cop who gets given a last chance undercover job to recover a stolen police pistol from a school. He is asked to pose as a student, and is assisted by the bumbling Tat (Ng Man-tat). Turns out the school has links to a triad group that are planning to sell AK47s to a terrorist group. Sing has to solve the crimes, work out how to be a team player and resolve his feelings for the lovely Miss Ho (Sharla Cheung)

Stephen is a Dick Level: I am going for a 5/10. He is more than competent, he just doesn’t trust other people.

Mo Lei Tau Quota: 7/10. Even if we ignore the fact the 30 year old Chow is playing a high school age kid, there’s plenty of amusing randomness going on.  Ng Ma-tat’s stop smoking aid is an example of this – he chews on a stick, which changes to other implements later on in the movie, culminating in a piece of bamboo that actually appears to produce smoke. This latter development is given extra screen time, but god knows what the point of it is.

Sing Girl Status: This was only Chow’s second headline outing, so it is hard to call Sharla Cheung a Sing Girl. They did however share 10 movies together, so she is certainly a major part of his CV. Here though she is little more than window dressing, not helped by being the only person in the film being asked to play things straight.

Is it Any Good?: It’s very enjoyable, even if the actual plot doesn’t make a lot of sense, and the character development that the film suggests never actually appears to take place. However, there are a few hilarious moments (the chalk duster and condom-as-bubblegum) and Stephen gets to dust off his martial arts. If you came to Chow via Kung-fu Hustle, then this would be a great starting point.  Definitely one of the better Wong Jing productions I’ve seen too.


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