Bad Genius

So there might be a fair bit of content from me over at over the next week or so as we start to cover things at the New York Asian Film Festival. Which has meant a lot of watching low-res ‘screeners’ on Vimeo that are plastered in watermarks.  First up is a rather wonderful…

Didi’s Dreams

Over at EasternKicks you’ll find my review of Dee Hsu’s charming yet flawed “Didi’s Dreams”, that my American readers may find is being shown in the US at the moment.

Halfworlds Season One

I have a new review up at Easternkicks – looking at Joko Anwar’s HBO Asia series “Halfworlds”.


Sometimes as a reviewer, especially at easternKicks, I have to review things I hate, or at the very least, have little or no interest in. However, sometimes I get to rediscover an out and out classic. I don’t give too many 5 star reviews. But this is one. And fully deserved!

AC Film Club – King Kong Escapes

The second episode of the AC Film Club Podcast is up now for those of you that fancy listening to me and Elwood talking for an hour. Did you know back in the ’60’s Toho got the rights to use King Kong, and made the popular “King Kong vs. Godzilla”? And then they made another…

Sunday Beauty Queen

On sunday mornings in Hong Kong, you’ll see hundreds of asian women filling the empty spaces, having what appears to be impromptu barbeques and listening to music, and frankly having a good time. They piqued my interested, and a local friend explained to me that these were the Oversea Foreign Workers having their day off….

Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in the Land of Demons

Oops! I forgot this review over at easternKicks got published a couple of weeks ago. I have a look at the 5th film in the Lone Wolf and Cub series – the twist being I come at the film as a complete neophyte to the franchise!

Ghost in the Shell (2017)

It’s been a bit of a recurring theme ths last couple of weeks, what with podcasts and EK reacts! But I promise you this is the last “Ghost in the Shell” related post for a while. Over at EK, I have written a little review of the recent US remake.. and I kinda liked it.

easternKicks Reacts! Ghost in the Shell

I’ve virtually hosted another one of our Reacts! pieces over at easternKicks, this time looking at the 1985 anime of “Ghost in the Shell”. Go have a look and see how a bunch of us feel about this classic animation. Spoilers.. Ant really likes it, and I’m kinda meh.

The H-Man

It’s pretty well known about how the “Godzilla” series of movies are influenced by the effects of the Atomic bomb on Japan. But did you know that Toho also produced films with similar themes that didn’t involve giant monsters? Over at Easternkicks, you’ll find my latest review, looking at “The H-Man”, a gangster-noir mixed up…

AC Film Club – Ghost in the Shell

Last year I had an enjoyable time on the MBDS Showcase podcast talking about “Audition” and “Dumplings”. Clearly I have done something right, as I have been invited back! This time however, things are a little different. Elwood has decide to have a sub-show talking exclusively about Asian films, and I’ll be joining him on…